All Star PREP



All Star Prep divisions are intended to allow new or younger athletes to experience the world of All Star Cheer without a significant time commitment, financial commitment, or travel commitment. Prep teams practice twice a week for 1.5 hours, and take one additional tumbling class in addition to their team practices.The All Star Prep teams will compete at 5-7 local and regional competitions throughout the season, and will be competing for a chance to earn a bid for the US Finals. The US Finals are held in Virginia Beach in May each season, and would be the only overnight trip required of the Prep teams if they were to earn a bid. Tuition is $175/month, including 1 additional tumbling class per week.


Mini Prep 1.1: Ages 5-8, Level 1 stunts & tumbling

Youth Prep 1.1: Ages 5-11, Level 2 stunts, Level 1 tumbling

Senior Prep 2.1: Ages 10-18, Level 3 stunts, Level 1 tumbling

Senior Prep 2.2: Ages 10-18, Level 3 stunts, Level 2 tumbling


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​We are a family and a community! Your kids are our kids, and we strive to create strong, skilled, and confident young athletes in all of our programs!

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